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Kya + livejournal + robert banner + ryan sign = Yay! Happy Krissy!! *swoon*

kthxmate ;D *dances*
*stalk. stalk. stalk*


*looks angelic*
Helloooooo *snorts and smiles* Haven't seen you around in a while, mwuaha.
I claim xstalker title.
Omg Hi, Stalker Love <333


11 years ago


11 years ago

Hey, it's Rachel T from tfl. Wanna be fwends? :D
Yes I would love to :) *dances over to add you* :D


11 years ago

Hey Kya! :D This is Hazel from TFL boards. Would you like to be friends? :)
I would love to! *snuggle* :) I will add you now <3


11 years ago

Hey Kya! This is Camilla from TFL... hope it's ok I added you to my friends :)
Hey :) *huggle* I will add you as well :)
Hi Kya ;) It's Honey from TFL Boards. I added you, I hope you don't mind ^^
Hey Honey! :) I don't mind at all and I will add you as well! *snuggle* <3
Hi Kya! Roan here from TFL. Hope you don't mind but I added you. =D
Aww I don't mind at all *huggles* I will go and add you. :D


11 years ago


11 years ago

Original name. XD
Mwaha! Added you!
I'm Sophie from tfl... who is also Sophie there <3
Added. :)


May 5 2006, 13:53:47 UTC 11 years ago

Hello darling. :)

It's Melanie, add me?

We both have 'ey' at the end of our usernames. :O

I swears I didn't copy the precious. We swears! *hides*

Haha I actually took it from a quote stating 'Elijah has a Frodoey look'. Woo hoo! ;)
That anonymous post was from me by the way, god I'm an idiot!
I added you, I used to do that all the time, not be logged in and say Hi this is me. But if you don't say your name then you can run away without having to suffer. ;D
Hello, this is one of your (soon to be former) hostees, Jessica! ( I added you. :)
Added you back! *snuggle*
It's Melanie again, I've got a new account, I hope you don't mind that I added you here to. :)

I logged in this time. :'O

Deleted comment

Hey I know you! I will add you in a second. :) That is no problem, I thought you might have been away. Hopefully we can catch up soon. :D
I followed you from tim cahill community, can you friend me?
:) Added you!
Hey it's Manda (dontbreakthisheart) from TFL, I have friended you :)
:D Woo, added you back.
Hi Kya! This is Ruby from the TFL boards! Hope you don't mind that I added you! :)
I don't mind at all, I love having new friends. :) *hug*
Hey Kya-ness ;) It's Denise, from TFL.. Just added you to my friends list :D
Hey! It's Crissy from the board, I just wanted to let you know that I friended you ^_^
:) Yay, I will add you back. *snuggle*
heyy. yeah would love to be, you're lj looks really cool btw. :]
Hi, this is Jonathan and I noticed you have my friend Leigh Ann friended. Care to friend each other?
Ok, I will add you now.
I dont want to sound rude or anything but who are you? :P
cause i've noticed you in list of people who have added me to friends, but i'm not sure who you are ;)
Well, if you do go to my profile you will see my name and website and if that gives you know clue then what can I do? My only guess is I probably added you from TFL Live Journal thread.
hey kassers. i apologise for being so undercover but this is mel and i know i suck for saying i was going to keep in touch and then doing the opposite but i hope you forgive me anyway coz i really could do with a friend right now! i hope you're doing well and I hope you add me and I hope i stop saying hope and finish this sentence lordy
Hey :) It's Pat from the TFL boards... hope you don't mind that I added you. :)
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