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Thanks Kya. I have added you. :)
Hi Kya, it's Siobhan from (hosted by you) - do you mind if I add you to my f-list? xx
Not at all. :) I will go and add you now. :D
Hey Kya, it's Michelle (mayumicullen) I made a new lj and is it ok if I re-add you? =)
Sure, I will add you again now. :)
Hey Kya, add me? I'm one of your hostees. <3

ps - I'm also downloading your set of icon textures, i'll let you know if I use any of them!
I just added you! :D I hope you like them. I really need to make some more soon. *gonk*

Deleted comment

Sure! :D
Hey Kya, this is Nicole from & I've been visiting your site for a long time, I've seen you around on TFL :P

Add me back? :)
I would love to! :D *adds*
Hi! Here Justine from TFL :) Add me? :D
Sure! :D Love the username!


7 years ago

Good luck with the job hunt. I came across your journal, was wondering if you'd like to become friends.
Sorry I had two windows open, was wondering if you'd like to become friends.


7 years ago


7 years ago

Do you mind if I add you? XD
Hello, my name's Red. Haha.
I love making new friends so do mind adding back? XD Teehee!
Added you! :D


7 years ago

We could be LJ-friends, similar interests, etc... do you think?
Sure, I added you!
Hi, Kya!

Thanks for adding my collective ( to

Cheers and take care~
No problem, added you back. :)
Hello Kya! :)

It's Siobhan from POP!
Mind if I add you? x
Not at all! :D I shall add you now. I love your username! Hahaha!
Hello, Kya!! <333
I'm hanagasumi, this is my new journal. I hope it's okay if I re-add you, and I hope you don't mind to do so too.

hehehe <333
Not at all. *hug* :D
Can we be friends on LJ, too? :o :D <3
Yes yes please. :D
I saw a few of your domains and they make me smile :D! I would like to be friends if you'd like to be friends!
Aww, thank you. :D I am glad they have done their job!
Yo yo, I'm Deborah.
Is it ok if I add you to my friends?
Sure. :)
Hey lovely! Its be Lora...I changed my name and in the process deleted all my friends of...WHOOPS!
So if you could friend me back, that would be awesome!
No problem! *adds back* :)



January 2 2010, 04:39:20 UTC 7 years ago

Hi, I'm really want to be friend with you...
..... ?
Hi Kya! It's Fatima from TFL. I added you as a friend, I hope you're okay with it? ^^;
That is absolutely fine and I shall add you back. I like your username. :D


7 years ago

Hi love! It's Michi and this is my new username. I was previously obliviate (feel free to delete it). Can I be added to your wonderful flist again? :)
Yes yess! *snuggles into* :D

I love your icon! Haha <3
... After briefly talking to you on the TT community, and noticing you're friends with winged, I have come to the conclusion you're really adorable and I would like to be friends even though I'm just starting back to blogging on LJ. ^^; Please?

Plus thanks to you, I was introduced to :D
Ello there cute! :D Of course I would love to add you. I was actually thinking about asking you if you didn't mind if I added you, but then thought it might be a bit poo. I am so glad you asked! *squish* :D

I fail a lot at blogging on LiveJournal sometimes, well at the moment, it can change. XP winged is so awesome, I adore her. :')

Icheckmovies is very cool, I am glad I could share it. :D


6 years ago

hiiiii, it's samarecarm with a new username <333
Hi, love the username. Weirdly enough I had that on my list of possible ones to snag, then decided not too. It's cool you have it. :D

Added you as a friend, woo.

Deleted comment

I would love too! *adds* :D


December 16 2010, 03:48:05 UTC 6 years ago

thanks for opening the flood gates and allowing tons of livejournalers to create names on thrilld that will sit there for the duration of the site and never get used. now people that actually use thrilld will have to deal with a slow site and a lot of down time thanks to people like you that have to go around bragging.
I am not the first person to register accounts on Thrilld. I do not register accounts for no reason, I plan to use all of them, in one way or another, so you can never be sure that what I have created is for no reason. There is also a huge chance that if contacted I would be willing to give user names to people that are absolutely in love with a certain name. It is not a crime to register names, I am not doing anything wrong, I was just lucky to think of certain names first. I am certainly not bragging about the names I have. :S

I am sorry you feel that way.


6 years ago


6 years ago


6 years ago

Hi Kya, it's Lily from Pop. I hope you don't mind me adding you. :D
Sorry I am so lame and it took me so long to get back to you, I would of course love to be friends on here. :D *adds*


6 years ago

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